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What is a boob tape?

Here's everything you need to know and more about boob tape - from easy use and removal.

The boob tape is a hack for backless dresses, plunge necklines, tube dresses or tops, cut out sides? We’ve got you.

It’s breathable. Gives the perfect lift. For perfect cleavage, say hello to perky boobies, sweat proof and ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

To kill an outfit, you need to be confident, and to be confident you need to be comfortable.
How many times have you felt attracted to a certain top or dress but ended up putting it back on the rack because you didn’t have the right bra or didn’t feel confident enough to rock it?
Nowadays there's a lot of tricks for wearing undergarments that avoid uncomfortable mishaps, but still feel snug and secure in the right places.
One of Hollywood's best-kept garment-securing secrets is the tried and true boob tape!

The Boob tape is designed especially for prolonged contact with human skin and is your best choice.
This specialized tape is created for the purpose of lifting breasts.
It helps achieve perky and full breasts without the use of a bra

Now let’s take you Step by step on how to tape your boobies according to your outfit.

This step is important!
The importance of doing a patch taste on your skin before taping your breasts cannot be understated.
A patch test will determine your skin’s reaction to the glue of the tape and if it will cause you irritation or not.
You can do this by cutting off a small strip of tape and applying it to your skin.
Apply the tape to skin that is similar to that of your breasts.
Leave it on as long as you expect to wear your boob tape.
Keep in mind that redness is normal if you have sensitive skin.
Once you’ve determined your tape of choice, you have to prep your skin.
Make sure the area is clean or else the tape won’t stick properly.
Make sure you don't apply any oils or lotions before applying your tape.



Step 1.
Measure out a length of tape that is long enough to reach from the bottom of your breast to the back of your shoulder.
Carefully lift your breast to give it some height.
Apply one end of the tape it to the outer-base of your breast, press down the tape all the way up to your shoulder.
Go over the back of your shoulders for maximum hold.
Step 2.
Repeat this with 2 more strips of tape, working your way inwards with each strip.
You can use a nip cover (or cotton pad) over your nipple and surrounding area before taping it up.
Step 3.
Repeat on the other breast.
For a more push-up effect and depending on where the plunge of the dress ends, you can tape horizontally under your breasts to lift them and bring them together.


Step 1.
Depending on your preference, you can opt to lean over or lie on your back when doing this taping method.
What's important to keep in mind is to lift and bring the breasts together to achieve the desired shape.
Step 2.
Cut a strip of tape, then carefully take each breast from both sides and slowly compress them together. Then bring the tape higher or lower on the sides depending on the dress.
Step 3.
Repeat the same step with 2 or more strips of tape and don't forget to use a nip cover (or cotton pad) over your nipple and surrounding area before taping it up.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving side of any tape removal, you know that half the time it is anything but pleasant. 
However, there are ways to lessen the discomfort of peeling off the tape and that is by taking a hot bath with the tape still on-taking a shower will help loosen the tape and make it easier to peel off.
You can also apply olive oil on your skin as you peel off the tape.

Even though breast taping sounds easy and simple enough there are some things that you need to be watchful off to avoid any discomfort or mishaps from happening. 
It’s always better to be safe than sorry in the long run.
You want the tape to be secure enough to hold your boobs in position, however, you also want them to be comfortable and not restrict your blood flow by being too tight.

In this case, you end with a look that’s far from what you desired and you are prone to wardrobe malfunctions. 
Yikes! So make sure to check that your tape is applied on securely before you leave the comfort of your home.

With all that said, if you’re looking for a quality boob tape to start with, ours is here for you. Our boob tape has been recommended by thousands of satisfied customers.
Our boob tape is hypoallergenic and made from medical grade material that is even waterproof!
It’s also guaranteed to last for up to 8hours.
Most of all, our boob tape is convenient, suitable for all bust sizes and can help you create the shape and cleavage that you want with any outfit.

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